‘Israel must never rely on others’

‘Israel must never rely on others’

Re: “Is Netanyahu alienating Israel’s friends in Europe?” (May 21).

The premise of this article is that since Israel has not rapidly capitulated to all Palestinian Arab demands, it is somehow alienating its “good friends” in Europe. So what? Why is the current government of Israel held to more exacting standards than the prior, more leftist, more pliable governments who could not even give away the Golan Heights and west bank to such inveterate terrorists such as Arafat or their apologists such as Abbas? More importantly, should the Jewish people shudder that the British, the French, or the Germans are somehow displeased with the slow pace of creating a safe and reliable peace process? The democratic allies in Europe are reliable so long as their current governments stay in power. As Israel discovered with the United States, firm commitments by the previous administration regarding future borders were unceremoniously dumped by the Obama White House.

The British created many of the problems that exist today by unilaterally amputating 75 percent of the Palestine Mandate and giving it to the Hashemite Arabs to create Jordan. Their continued enchantment with Arabs hardly makes them a reliable bastion of support for Israel, as does their current political instability. The French have only recently become more evenhanded in dealing with Israel, previously basking in their Gallic arrogance and tolerance of terrorists on their soil. Now Islamism has upended their complacency, but they still act solely in self-interest. The Germans? The Jewish people have paid an immeasurable price in blood to be forever free of German pontification. The true test of the power and usefulness of the “friends” of Israel in Europe has been their impotence in the face of Gaza missile attacks and continued Palestinian incitement.

While Venezuela, Iran, China, Belarus, Sudan, Honduras, and many other nations reject international criticism without meaningful reprisal from the international community, Israel is supposed to take a popularity poll before building apartments in Jerusalem? And for those who wring their hands with worry about Israel’s isolation, remember that Israel even has ongoing trade with Saudi Arabia. The world will simply not forgo Israeli technology and intuition behind the scenes, despite political posturing in front of the cameras.

So is Israel expected to give up the Golan to appease the French? Judea and Samaria to placate the Germans? And is Jerusalem the price to be paid to receive President Obama’s approval? Hardly.

As the prophets warned the Kings of Judah and the Jewish people in the past, Israel must never rely on others for their security. Whatever peace arrangements may be made with Arabs must completely satisfy Israel’s concerns – especially in light of the ongoing Gaza disaster. The responsibility for the safety of Jewish lives rests not in London, Paris, Berlin, or even Washington. This sacred duty rests solely with the elected government in Jerusalem.