‘Ideological imbalance’

‘Ideological imbalance’

History has shown that it is in our best interest as Jews to be mindful of the mentalities of the Christian majority in this country. A strong ideological imbalance is to be found in one significant allegiance among our non-Jewish neighbors.

At the slightest presumed provocation, many people tend to condemn as left-wing “conspiracy” the belief of many Americans in the positive values of socio-economic liberalism.

In contrast, the same people never consider a right-wing position to be condemnable.

I believe that the probable explanation is that most Americans have been brought up to equate a right-wing outlook with values considered commendable such as conservatism, old-fashioned patriotism, and the views of the founding fathers. On the other hand, a person blamed for harboring left-wing views is to be considered suspicious until proven innocent.

I suspect that the above realities have been inimical to American Jews for generations.