‘Greatly distressed’

‘Greatly distressed’

I was incredulous and greatly distressed by the vehement and publicly expressed perceptions of Vice President Joseph Bidden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and presidential adviser David Axelrod that Israel’s plan to build 1,600 housing units in Jerusalem constitutes an “affront and “insult” to the U.S. (Axelrod). Their hostile demands that the plan be scrapped are (in my view) a degrading and totally unacceptable infringement of Israel’s sovereignty.

I fervently approve of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s (and his opposition’s) insistence that the eternal city of Jerusalem (in totality) is and always will be the indivisible capital of the Jewish state. Her status as such must never be seen as negotiable.

Israel must build on all land within her sovereign borders (as defined by her) to accommodate the needs of her growing Jewish population.