‘Gracious community’

‘Gracious community’

Having grown up in Union City when my father, Rabbi Harold Hirschman z”l was the rabbi for over 49 years of Temple Israel Emanuel (a dwindling Modern Orthodox synagogue whose constituency was reduced to barely a minyan on the High Holidays) and also the rav in the Yeshiva of Hudson County, I have only admiration for the Klausenburger Mesivta Sanz of Union City (who took over Temple Israel Emanuel) as a warm, caring, and genuine community of people who deserve all the Hakaras Hatov, the gratitude, in the world.

After my father died, my mother chose to continue to live in Union City until very recently. Their generosity, concern, and care was truly outstanding. They provided her with meals and company to ensure her health and well-being.

Their dinner is to be held March 5 at 3400 New York Avenue in Union City, on Motzei Shabbat.

For information, call (201) 867-8690, ext. 105, or e-mail dinner@mesivtasanz.com

By the way, anyone who wants to catch a minyan traveling via the Lincoln Tunnel is welcome to daven with the Mesivta community – they are the most gracious, friendly, sincere community, welcoming all to come daven with them.