‘Failed attempt’

‘Failed attempt’

What is going on now is another failed attempt to eradicate the Palestinian problem in a way the geopolitical interests want it to be solved.

If the big money thought there should be a two-nation solution we would have had it by the mid 1990s, but Israel and the United States can’t seem to do anything but follow the policy of taking as much of the west bank as possible – no matter the consequences. As a result of their actions, 1.5 million people in the Gaza Strip are being wiped out.

Because of what is going on now, Israel has no legitimate claim (I know all about the rockets the past few years) to a “final” treaty that does not include the 1967 borders, with some exceptions, as the final line.

Israel is digging itself in a place it won’t get out of, because American and Israeli foreign policy is blind. Those who continue to be wed to the blindness are shoving Israel over the edge. Israel must declare a Palestinian state in the west bank and Gaza. There is no other course and everyone knows it.