‘Everyone should visit Israel’

‘Everyone should visit Israel’

I just returned from spending six weeks in Israel. I am appalled at the Obama administration and the U.S. attitude toward Israel. While there I read Haaretz and many editorials and spoke to many people. I think that Netanyahu, the government of Israel, and the people are extremely gracious about how rudely they are being treated by the U.S. I was told by one person I spoke with that I must respect Obama as he is my president. True but I do not have to agree with him.

It was written in an editorial that Vice President Biden has a great love for Israel, influenced by his mother who loved the country and has a street named after her. Everyone should visit this little country to understand the realities of it. Israeli Arabs are about 20 percent of the population and growing steadily. They live very well, all over Israel, with large beautiful homes and growing villages, which one can see as one drives along the roads. All Israelis receive a government stipend for each child. The Israeli Arabs have more children than the Israeli Jews and they receive a lot of money.

The Tower of David, which is a Jewish site just outside of the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, touches on East Jerusalem and is now not available to enter. I was there in 1998 and had no problem visiting the site. Little by little, Jerusalem is being eaten away and taken from the Israelis. One only hears about settlements being built. Jerusalem needs to be a place open to all peoples and religions, as it has sites important to all religions. Only the Jews, it seems, are discriminated against. If Jerusalem is divided, there will be no security, it will be destroyed, and there will be hell to pay. If left to Israel, Jerusalem will be open to all people.

When driving on the eastern side of the Sea of Galilee, one sees miles and miles of Arab villages, so that one feels like one can almost touch them. This is Jordan, a country that has a “cold peace” with Israel.

Most Israeli Arabs are very happy because they live so well. Israel is a multi-cultural country with Muslims, Christians, Jews, and people of all colors. The Christian sites, the Muslim sites, and Baha’i sites are equally as interesting as are the Jewish sites. And Jerusalem is truly a city that belongs to everyone.

Go to Israel and see it. It is amazing.