‘Callous and cavalier move’

‘Callous and cavalier move’

As a woman (and a human being) I have found that Gov. Palin’s positions on when life begins, gun control, the environment, alternative energy, etc., do not correspond with mine. I am not sure what, if any position, she has on the war, foreign policy, terrorism, and torture. I am concerned about her acceptance of religious beliefs that do not coincide with her own. She stated in an address in church that she would work to have God’s will done from the governor’s office which would include creating jobs with a natural gas pipeline in her state. “God’s will has to be done in unifying people and companies to get that gas line built, so pray for that….” It frightens me to have anyone in power who assumes to know the will of God other than in basic moral and ethical values. The God in which I believe does not encourage running down defenseless animals to exhaustion with airplanes and then killing them.

As the mother of daughters I would not like to place a pregnant teenager in the position of having to face a huge public unless she wanted this, and at 17 even that would be questionable. I would also be reluctant to encourage her to marry an 18-year-old who does not want to commit, at this point in his life, to family responsibility. According to his Website (which was suddenly removed) he just wants a life to “hang out with the boys … and just f___in chillin.”

What is her interest in the other 49 states? She believes in tax cuts, we are told, yet comes from a state that gives a $1,200 rebate to residents from Alaskan oil wealth and that has no state income or sales tax. She purports to have been so honorable as to reject funding for the “bridge to nowhere” yet does not openly state that she kept the funds in Alaska for other projects.

My biggest concern, however, is the possibility of her becoming president. How could a man who professes his love for this country be willing to place us in such hands just for political expediency? It seems to me to be a most callous and cavalier move.