‘Bring Jonathan home’

‘Bring Jonathan home’

A letter dated Nov. 11, 2008 /13 Cheshvan 5769 addressed to President Bush entreating him to act mercifully towards Mr. Jonathan Pollard and grant him clemency, was signed by hundreds of great rabbis in our holy land: former and present chief rabbis of the State of Israel, members of the Chief Rabbinic Council of Israel, chaplains and authorities of Zaka-Search and Rescue, chief rabbis of the old cities, chief municipal rabbis and chief rabbis of regional councils.

This level of activity and outpouring of support for our prisoner of Zion proves that Ahavat Yisroel is alive and thriving in Israel. If Jews on the other side of this great planet can advocate for their brother’s freedom, then why cannnot we, who reside here in America, where this brother has been mercilessly imprisoned, be outspoken and rally for his freedom?

Is there not a premise that all Yisroel is responsible for one another? And he who saves one life, it is as if he has saved a whole world?

Why do American rabbis keep silent? Where is the outrage that we would expect never to die? Who told them to be silent?

It is true that many have spoken up down through the years. But most have only asked, they have not demanded.

We must not ask anymore for our brother’s freedom, we must demand it.

Rabbis of all denominations, from haredi to Reform, must now organize and petition President Bush, as the leader of the free world, to grant freedom to a man who deserves his freedom.

In addition, elected officials of all parties must come together for this mission and put their name to an all-encompassing letter of support for our honored brother.

Bring this matter to the attention of your rabbi and to your elected officials. Tell them that the punishment has been served many years ago: that they should do something, and now.

Call the White House comment line at (202) 456-1111 and tell the White House telephone representative that you demand Mr. Pollard’s release by Mr. Bush before he leaves office.

Tell Malcolm Hoenlein at the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations that you want activity, that you want him to speak out in The New York Times and the Washington Post and to hold a press conference for his brother, that you want a writing campaign in every Jewish school, and if necessary a march to Washington – for the freedom of Mr. Pollard.

Call him at (212) 318-6111.

It’s time to bring Jonathan home.