‘Biased and distasteful’

‘Biased and distasteful’

I found the June 26 articles by Dina Kraft, against “radical settlers,” as she calls them, extremely biased and distasteful.

One of my children, with her husband, children, and grandchildren, has lived in ancient Shomron (the west bank to Ms. Kraft) for the past 21 years, in the city of Shilo. Shilo was the capital of Israel for 469 years, long before Jerusalem was Jewish. It was the home of Eli, the kohen godol, and of the first prophet Samuel. Would Ms. Kraft include them as “radicals”? Incidentally, one of my grandsons was discharged from the Israeli army last week, after serving three plus years; another has served one and a half years and has another year and a half to go.

Israel deserves a more balanced view of the residents of the Shomron.