‘Base your opinion on facts’

‘Base your opinion on facts’

I need to respond to Shel Haas’s Oct. 16 letter. Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck do not represent the tone of most of the country since most of the country is not that mean-spirited. Mr. Haas seems to be regurgitating some of that tone when he complains of such things as the appointment of “czars over entities beyond constitutional control.” But “czar” is just a name given by the media to people appointed, legally, by the president to oversee certain areas of the government. They are department heads, that’s all. Not everything is in the Constitution, nor should it be. It’s up to the chief executive to delegate responsibility and that’s all he’s doing.

The rate of unemployment is around 9 percent, further proof that Mr. Haas buys the Limbaugh/Beck fact-free drivel hook, line, and sinker without bothering to see if it is at all true. There is no lack of decision on troop levels in Afghanistan, only careful consideration. Limbaugh/Beck complained the president was moving too fast on health care and now they’re complaining he’s moving too slow on Afghanistan. This pair, along with Fox News, a front for the Republican party, feed on hate and use people’s fears to push their right-wing agenda, people who don’t take the time to seek the truth or even to think and realize that what’s being said is so ridiculous as to be funny if it weren’t so dangerous.

Limbaugh/Beck do not have the “vast followings” they would lead you to believe. People should stop and think and do their own research before they sound off about things that, in reality do not exist. FactCheck.org is non-partisan and reliable. You are entitled to your opinion, but you should base your opinion on facts.