‘Approaching tsunami’

‘Approaching tsunami’

There is a catastrophe approaching and U.S. Jews are asleep at the wheel. In September, the Palestinians are expected to win a U.N. General Assembly resolution recognizing the State of Palestine, with the pre-1967 lines as its borders. The United States has no veto power in the General Assembly. This is the same General Assembly that approved a new Jewish state in the Middle East in 1947. The Arabs rejected the 1947 resolution, arguing that the General Assembly had no right to impose a new European style state on “Arab land” in their midst. Israel will now reject this 2011 resolution, arguing that the General Assembly has no right to impose a new Arab style state on “Jewish land” in their midst.

Sure, there are differences. Nevertheless, Norway and numerous other left-wing European states will not care. Some 500,000 Jews in the eastern portion of Jerusalem and the west bank will wake up one morning and find themselves living in the State of Palestine. Just as United States military installations in South Carolina suddenly found themselves on “alien” territory in April 1861 – and under bombardment – Israeli military installations will find themselves under attack for occupying a member-state of the United Nations. President Obama will offer platitudes against violence “by both sides,” but his hostility to a Jewish presence in the territories and the speed with which he abandoned allies in Egypt and Yemen do not portend strong support for Israel when the independent State of Palestine demands that Israel remove its military from their country.

We are basking in the pyrrhic, short-lived victory resulting from Goldstone’s recant, but it will do us little good when Jewish soldiers become the targets of the future “freedom fighters” of Palestine, who will be depicted as fighting their 2011 War of Independence just as Israel fought its 1948 War of Independence. The Palestinian propaganda machine, and its “useful idiots” on the left, will be at their peak and Israel will find itself more alone than at any time in its history. The negative ramifications of these events for the security of Israel and the Jews in Jerusalem and the territories cannot be exaggerated.

No emergency since 1967 and 1973 needs our concerted attention and focus more than this approaching tsunami.