‘An American victory’

‘An American victory’

Congratulations to President Barack Obama for succeeding in getting the health-reform bill passed. Also, congratulations to Nancy Pelosi, a powerful and fearless lady. As she noted in her splendid speech, “Health care is not a privilege but a right.”

President Obama tried so hard to bring the Democrats and the Republicans together to make health care affordable and available for every American, but not one Republican voted “yes.” As the president said in his thank-you speech after the vote, this “isn’t a Democratic victory, it is an American victory.”

If we go back in history, it was always the Democrats that gave us the social programs. Franklin Roosevelt with Social Security, Lyndon Johnson with Medicare, and Bill Clinton with his welfare bill. Were these presidents called socialists or communists, as President Obama has been? I would like to ask the people who do so why they don’t return their monthly Social Security checks or why they have Medicare pay their health-care bills if they consider them to be socialist programs.

Rep. John Boehner, the top Republican in the House, is shameless. He screamed on about what a disgrace the Democrats are for voting for the health reform bill. He should look at himself in the mirror if he wants to see a disgrace. The other disgraceful Republican is the whip, Rep. Eric Cantor, who loves to attack with lies and scare tactics. These men have no civility or dignity. They only know how to rule with fear. From the birthers to the fanatics to the repulsive signs carried at the Tea Party rallies, and the banners showing our president hanged in effigy and, worst of all, the racial slurs, they all disgust me. I don’t recall ever seeing such abhorrent behavior.

The Republicans can’t wait for the November elections, given their belief that they will take back the House. I have news for them: Their disgusting behavior, their lies, and their fear tactics will backfire. They want our president to fail, and this has been evident from day one. The president inherited the most difficult time in history, and given only 13 months in office has done more in this short period of time than any other president.

I say thank you to President Barack Obama for his vision, leadership, and his unwavering commitment to health care for all Americans.