‘A kinship of common values’

‘A kinship of common values’

Americans must stand with Israel because in it they recognize a liberal democracy much like their own. They know that Israel is a stable ally in one of the world’s most critical and volatile regions, and its painfully acquired expertise in counterterrorism is invaluable – all the more so as we wage our own war against jihadi terrorists.

Americans sympathize with Israel because they understand that the enemies of Israel hate the U.S. as well. Finally, there is a deep religious bond between American Christians and the Jewish people, a bond that stretches back to the earliest era of American history. America and Israel are linked by the kinship of common values – an affinity of strength and decency that reflects the best of both nations and sets them apart from the other nations of the world.

Both America and Israel will benefit the free world if our government will clearly show the world that our support for Israel is strong.