Academies at GBDS mark 36 years

Academies at GBDS mark 36 years

The school gathers for a community-wide menorah lighting in 2019.
The school gathers for a community-wide menorah lighting in 2019.
In 1991, as it does every non-covid year, the school offered Grandparents’ Day.

The Academies at GBDS in Oakland began its 36th year on August 30. The milestone serves as a reminder of the perseverance of the Jewish people and the role that Jewish education has in our future.

The class of 2012 is on its trip to Israel.

Since 1985, when the Solomon Schechter of Northern New Jersey was founded, it has been committed to providing students with academic excellence in a traditional environment, fostering a community where Jewish families from every level of observance feel welcome. (In 1994 the school, then named the Gerard Berman Day School, moved to the Oakland campus that’s its home today; in 2014 it took the name it has now.) The school’s goal is and has always been to promote and instill a love of learning, a strong Jewish identity, and the building blocks for extraordinary futures. The Academies at GBDS is committed to ensure that any Jewish family who wishes to give a Jewish education to their child will receive one, regardless of ability to pay.

This is a Gerard Berman Day School basketball team.

The school’s success is attributed to its staff, many of them have been working there for 20+ years, the generosity of its donors, and strong student core values. The school’s work is in cultivating character, inspiring the mind, and nurturing the soul, for its students’ continued success and longevity. Academies at GBDS teaches respect (kavod), kindness (chesed), leadership (manhigut), character (derech eretz), wisdom (t’vuna), and the love of Israel (ahavat Israel), with the goal of academic and social-emotional growth in each student. GBDS also believes in the balance of general and Jewish studies to create well-rounded people with strong identities as Americans and as Jews. Although Academies at GBDS has grown from 17 students to more than 125 over the past 36 years, it is still and will always be a small school with a big neshama. 

Academies at GBDS

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