A two-state solution

A two-state solution

The conclusion of World War II brought the end of the rule by a minority over a majority. English rule by a minority over India came to an end, French rule over Algeria fell, and those winds of change caused a worldwide domino effect. These winds of change were fueled not only by worldwide boycotts but, worse than that, they created restlessness, riots, and revolt by the formerly silent, or near-silent, subjugated majority.

The year 1993 saw the end of nearly 350 years of white majority rule over the disenfranchised and suppressed black majority in South Africa. It fell for the same reasons as above, and with it the country’s mighty army changed hands. The army, the police, and security service could not cope with the changes that universally had pulverized prewar systems of minority rule.

On May 14, 1948, our beloved State of Israel came into being. It has prospered, and the Jewish population has increased tenfold to about 6 million. With an overwhelming percentage of its population being Jewish, it is recognized globally as a Jewish state by virtually all nations.

In the west bank the vast majority of the population is Arab. If they are given equal rights and incorporated in the State of Israel, it may cause Israel to be ruled by an Arab majority in a few years time.

With a two-state solution we will have an independent Jewish state. Israel’s army will remain under its control and be a powerful deterrent against any aggressor. Therefore, by Israel being armed and prepared for war, we are in a strong position to obtain peace with security.