A rave review for Schisgal plays

A rave review for Schisgal plays

I had the pleasure of seeing the three plays comprising “Spiel, Spiel, Spiel” at the Folksbiene’s March 19 afternoon performance on a trip with the Senior Group of the Bergen County YJCC. The company’s artistic director, Zalmen Mlotek, was there and I believe Murray Schisgal, the author, was also in the audience.

It is unfortunate your reviewer couldn’t stay and see the third play, which some of my fellow attendees and I thought was the best of the three. It had more substance and pathos than the other two.

Tony Perry did a magnificent job of portraying the son of the former janitor of the shul in the neighborhood years ago.

I just wanted to add my thoughts to Miriam Rinn’s review.