A rabbi’s imagination

A rabbi’s imagination

I found “Rabbi” Steve Blane’s comments about Rabbi Lerner lacking imagination to be quite interesting (Letters, Sept 14.)

“Rabbi” Blaine” imagined himself the “spiritual leader” of a Bergen County congregation but did not have the imagination to deliver a sermon in two years on the pulpit. He imagined himself in an identity crisis by declaring himself a cantor and a rabbi but declining to be called either.

He apparently imagined greater pastures for himself by convincing the congregation to pay for services in a hotel in a different town under the pretext of seeking new members. Many in the congregation wondered if he wasn’t attempting to build a shelter for himself because he had the feeling that he might not be offered another contract.

Then after leaving that congregation he imagined a new congregation, holding services in a tent. That apparently didn’t have sufficient imagination and terminated.

Now he imagines a seminary ordaining people after two years of study with classes on-line amounting to twice a week. One would wonder and imagine if any congregation would hire a rabbi who was a graduate of this seminary. Could it be called “imaginary?”

It is interesting to hear that Rabbi Lerner had no imagination. Perhaps “Rabbi” Blane could discuss imagination with Lewis Carroll.