A message from the publisher

A message from the publisher

Dear readers:

There is very little we can count on in these unsettling times. Including our printer.

Our goal is to keep publishing a hard copy of the paper as well as posting it online, but we realize that it might not be possible. Our printer’s capacity is down because many of its employees are afraid to come to work; they fear the risk to their health. It is not impossible that we might be forced to be online only — please know, though, that if that happens, we’ll be back in print as soon as possible.

We will post the Jewish Standard online, just as it appears in print, at: 


You can click on it and flip through it, just as if it were real. You also can print copies of stories from the online version; that’s particularly useful if you want to stock up on reading material for Shabbat.

We hope that we can stay in print; we’ll keep you posted.

Readers, we hope that you stay safe and stay sane.

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