A magazine for you?

A magazine for you?

We went to a gathering yesterday in support of Jewish Currents, a quirky, intelligent magazine that deserves a wider readership.

Edited by Larry Bush, who wrote a fine piece for us on secular Jewry, it bills itself as “A Progressive, Secular Voice” – and it speaks to, and for, many Jews who are not at home with more traditional Jewish fare.

The summer issue is a typical happily mixed bag: There’s outrage at the outrageous (BP, for one); insightful interviews, including one with Leonard Lopate of NPR; art, poetry, and fiction; and mamaloshn (Yiddish).

I haven’t read it all yet – I’m savoring it, and especially looking forward to a piece on Arthur Koestler, whose “Darkness at Noon” is a masterpiece, but whose life, sadly, was not.

For more about the magazine, go to www.jewishcurrents.org.