A different take on ‘that one’

A different take on ‘that one’

I take voting for the president and vice president of the United States very seriously and have paid close attention to the candidates for more than a year. Now that there is less than 30 days remaining for the most important election of our lifetime, I have, after giving a lot of thought to where our country is and where it has to go, will cast my vote for Sens. Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

I cannot vote for Sen. John McCain – “that one.” His campaign has become nothing but smear attacks, innuendos, and outright lies against Obama.

He couldn’t even tell the truth about something as simple as why, after being booked on the Letterman show, he could not appear.

McCain has shown his contempt for the American people by choosing Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate. She is the most unqualified person to be a heartbeat away from the presidency – what poor judgment.

Mr. “Country First,” “I’ll Fix It,” “I’ll Get Osama,” “I Know Where He Is” – all these key words that he says over and over again, especially “my friends” – are so insincere and phony. Why is he keeping it a big secret if he knows where and how to find Osama bin Laden?

If McCain and his running mate had any decency, they would comment when hearing remarks that incite people at their campaign stops, and simply tell their audiences that such language is unacceptable to them – but they stand and grin from ear to ear and allow the audience to applaud hatred. It is disgraceful. When you have no issues to address, you have nothing left but negative attacks and lies and this will be McCain’s and Palin’s undoing.

It was bad enough to witness McCain at the first debate when he could not look at Obama or address him by name, but when I watched the second debate and he referred to Obama as “that one,” that did it for me.

McCain stooped to a new low when he had his wife attack Obama when she talked about how Obama did not approve funding for the troops and how Obama should walk in her shoes for one day. She forgot to mention that her husband opposed the funding as well. Both candidates had a problem with timelines covering the ending of the Iraq war and, therefore, opposed the funding. She forgot to mention that her husband also opposed the G.I. bill for the returning soldiers.

Barack Obama will sweep the nation and America’s place in the world will once again be admired and hope will be restored.

The editor notes: According to factcheck.org, while Sen. McCain opposed Sen. Jim Webb’s G.I. bill proposal, he “did support a less costly version of the bill.”