"A dating and escort service"

"A dating and escort service"

This morning I received an automated call at home. I pick up and hear nothing.

“Hello? Hello?” I repeat with frustration as this call had pulled me from my hot shower.

Finally, I hear, “This is an important message from the US Airways Mastercard Fraud Division.”

Uh oh. Has my identity been stolen? Fraudulent charges rung up on my card? Or do they just need clarification on my last iTunes download because they flag $3 charges?

“There has been a charge for a dating and escort service.”

What? Escort service???

I press 2 for more information and the recorded voice continues to repeat “dating and escort service” without any further information. I try pressing 0 to get to a real person without success. The computer does not recognize my option and it continues to repeat my only two valid options – to register the charge as fraud or process it. As the automated voice repeats its mantra, I look up my account online. At about the same time I find my recent charges, the computer gets tired of repeating itself and switches me to a live person.

I see the charge in question on my computer screen.

Have you figured out the punchline yet?

The “dating and escort service” is….

Drumroll, please.


I wonder if this will become part of a new ad campaign. “JDate.com, the No. 1 Jewish dating and escort service”? Sounds catchy.

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