A dangerous move on talks

A dangerous move on talks

Israel’s announcement that it will build 1,200 new housing units in an area under discussion at peace talks only just getting started has the potential of undermining those talks, as has been the case in the past. Palestinians like nothing better than to use settlement building plans as an excuse to scuttle talks.

The release of terrorist murderers is a terrifying and morally complicated move for Israel to make. We understand the government’s argument about the need to release these people in order for the talks to go forward.

If Israel’s government is not serious about the peace talks, however, then releasing them is a cynical and irresponsible public relations ploy.

Twenty-six such murderers were released this week. Before the prison doors swing open for more terrorists with innocent blood on their hands and hate in their hearts, Israel’s government must decide which it will be: peace talks, or building plans.