A celebration of leavened social media posts

A celebration of leavened social media posts

“The internet changes everything,” people used to say.

And looking at this year’s crop of Passover-themed social media posts, it seems that one thing that the internet has changed is the formerly widespread understanding that the Jewish festival of Pesach is about matzah. Unleavened bread. The flat stuff. The edible cardboard with a luxe price tag.

How else to explain the topical amnesia that abounded in last week’s pre-yontiff social media posts by respected political organizations, some of which featured Chanukah menorahs while others pictured distinctively leavened baguettes?

In a world of more accountability, the responsible social media managers would be toast.

As it was, only a couple of the twitter posts pictured here were deleted when the account-holders were alerted to the errors of the chametz-filled ways.

Kudos, however, to the folks running the SpongeBob and Houston Texans Twitter accounts, who not only understood the combined power of matzah and Photoshop, but were willing to run with it.


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