A ‘shining’ example in Haiti

A ‘shining’ example in Haiti

It was astonishing, heartwarming, and exhilarating as I watched our three presidents, Obama, Clinton, and Bush, respond to the terrible tragedy of the earthquake in Haiti – a fantastic lesson in what it means to me to be an American. The three were and are somewhat politically opposed to each other. Yet when America needed them, they responded for all Americans.

In the tragedy that struck Haiti, we already see a shining America, a people united in this war on poverty and a broken nation. We, as Americans were among the first responders, and our efforts are creating miracles. Let us bind our wounds, talk with and to each other, and as Americans, help our president, our governor and elected officials succeed in honest and ethical governing of our great country.

As President Reagan said, “We are that shining light at the top of the hill.”