A ‘dog bites man’ moment

A ‘dog bites man’ moment

Stop the presses!

Former Gov. Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, has chosen a pro-Israel running mate. Will wonders never cease?

At least, that is what a reader could conclude from reading Jewish newspapers, blogs, website postings, and the like. One Jewish newspaper even managed to report the big news in reverse: Naming Wisconsin Rep. Paul D. Ryan to the GOP ticket is “good news” for President Barack Obama in Florida because it makes Medicare, and not Israel, the central issue for Jewish voters in the sunshine state.

Enough already. Jewish voters are as concerned (or perhaps even more so) with the so-called social safety net issues as all other full-blown, honest-to-goodness loyal Americans. We are as concerned (perhaps even more so, judging by so many surveys) with climbing poverty rates, infant mortality rates, job rates, mortgage rates, foreclosure rates, interest rates, health care, housing starts, deteriorating infrastructure, lack of bipartisanship, education issues, and whatever else is at stake each Election Day.

And yet the first thing anyone pounces on in reporting on the campaign for Jewish votes – perhaps the only thing – is Israel. Candidates at times fall all over themselves to travel to Israel just to sway Jewish voters in Bergenfield, or Biloxi, or Boca Raton, or Brooklyn. Obama made the Israel pilgrimage four years ago. Romney traveled there last month.

In journalistic parlance, there is no news value in “Dog Bites Man.” There is great headline-grabbing potential, however, in “Man Bites Dog.”

Paul Ryan is a “dog bites man” story. And Jewish voters deserve the respect of being treated as full-fledged Americans – not just by the politicians who pander to us, but by our own American Jewish media.

Enough already.