10 insanely good Hava Nagila versions you’ve never heard

10 insanely good Hava Nagila versions you’ve never heard

The Israeli folk classic has been revamped - get ready for some serious dancing!

Everybody knows the Israeli folk song, “Hava Nagila” – the staple song has become a mainstay at even the most marginally Jewish events and members of pretty much every religion have gotten down to it.

We’ve tried to watch every single one on YouTube to find you the absolute best.

At number one, here is an Indian version sung by Amrutam Gamaya on a local talent show.

At number two, beautiful views of Paris accompany singer Gad Elbaz take in a French underground subway station. Dancing ensues!

Three is Dubstep. Enjoy.

At number four, a magnificent concert version of “Hava Nagila” led by famous violinist and conductor, Andre Rieu, at the Royal Albert Hall.

At number 5, is a 1959 version sung in French and Hebrew by the famous Italian actress and singer, Dalida.

At number six is an Israeli Version that will sounds more familiar, but which features some great dancing (and some Spanish, too).

At number seven, put on your cowboy hats and watch Hava Nagila sung Texas Style with the CUFI Cornerstone singers.

Number eight shows a sultry version with some film scenes shot in Jerusalem’s Old City

And number nine presents a hot club mix of dancers starring singer Lauren Rose

Tell us which you liked best and find us number ten!

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