WATCH: Top comedians tour Israel

WATCH: Top comedians tour Israel

"The Israel tour has become known as one of the best gigs in the business"

When calls for boycotting Israel are rampant, that’s when you find out who your true friends are.

Enter stand up comedian Avi Liberman. Avi, together with The Koby Mandell Foundation named in memory of the 13 year old terror victim, has been bringing some of the best and brightest in the comedy world to perform in Israel for the past 8 years and this year is no different. Despite the nearly daily terror attacks, in fact, largely because of those attacks, this year’s Comedy For Koby fundraising comedy tour will do it’s best to bring smiles and laughter to Israeli communities and help raise funds for the Foundation’s programs for victims of terror.

“The Israel tour has become known as one of the best gigs in the business”, said Liberman. “Comics return home saying what a great time they had and how Israel is nothing like what they expected based on what they see on TV and read in the media,”

Liberman is in the process of developing a documentary film about the tour, called “Comedy Road,” which he hopes will expose a side of Israel that people often ignore. “The perspective of comedians, many of whom aren’t Jewish and have no prior understanding of what they’ll be encountering, has been really revealing and often absolutely hilarious.”

Parents of Koby, Seth and Sherri Mandell, say that the tour has played a remarkable role in how their son is remembered. “Naturally, people used to approach us and associate us with loss and pain,” says Seth Mandell. “Now, they can relate to us through laughter, humor and bringing happiness to the world, and that’s an part of Koby’s legacy that we can all take great pride in.”

The Comedy for Koby Tour kicks off November 28th with shows in Be’er Sheva, Modiin, Raanana, Beit Shemesh, Jerusalem, Gush Etzion and Tel Aviv featuring Bob Zany, Erin Jackson, Kermet Apio and Avi Liberman.

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