Why did the chicken cross the border?

Why did the chicken cross the border?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Immigration officials on Tuesday hauled away more than 300 suspected illegal aliens from a chicken plant that has been under investigation for months.

If you’re thinking “Not again,” think again. It’s not Agriprocessors.

The raid took place at House of Raeford’s Columbia Farms plant in South Carolina. It is the third such bust of illegal workers this year. In addition to the Agri raid in May, more than 600 suspected illegal immigrants were detained at a Mississippi transformer plant in August. The Big Lipowsky suspects that in lieu of comprehensive immigration reform, the government is trying to create a few examples of negative consequences to discourage illegal aliens and those who would hire them. This doesn’t get to the root of the issue though. We need to figure out better immigration laws and how to deal with illegals who are already here.

Tying this latest incident back to the Agri mishegas – many defenders of Agri have claimed that the government singled out the kosher company despite immigration problems at plants across the country. Well, Agri is no longer singled out but that does not mean we should remove the magnifying glass from it just yet.

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