This is an obligatory Penn State football post. If you don’t like PSU football, feel free to read some of my other posts.

Now, *ahem* WE ARE!


The Nittany Lions whupped Wisconsin 48-7 tonight in what many commentators are calling a statement game. Although ranked No. 6 in the AP poll, Penn State’s opponents so far have been…shall we say weak. Then two weeks ago PSU crushed Illinois in the Big Ten opener. Last week we steamrolled over Purdue and this week we had our biggest test, Wisconsin. The Badgers were favored to win the Big Ten in the preseason. Although it had back to back losses to Michigan and Ohio State leading up to tonight’s game, It was expected to give PSU its toughest challenge yet.

Final score: 48-7.

Can you say national championship? The big tests remaining this season are Michigan next week (not much a threat with the way they’ve been playing), Ohio State the week after (also not playing particularly well even though they have only one loss), and Michigan State to close out the season (currently undefeated as well but we’ll fix that in November).

So, you’re probably asking: Why is this Jewish news?

Well, my friends, it’s Jewish news because of Joe Paterno, the big man himself. No, the winningest coach in college football is not Jewish. He’s a nice Italian Catholic boy from Brooklyn. But while growing up in Brooklyn, JoePa was a Shabbos Goy in his Flatbush neighborhood. In addition, he speaks Yiddish. Better than I do, I might add. He and Mama Lipowsky actually exchanged a few words in Yiddish once.

Now you know. And knowing is half the mitzvah.


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