The play’s the thing

The play’s the thing

Over the weekend we attended a play at a JCC in Gloversville co-starring Dorothy Boroson (aka the famous Doroboro).

The JCC reminded me of the old YM-YWHA on Washington Avenue in Passaic. It was small, friendly, and had a lived-in look (some might call it shabby). Every kid in town used to go there, after school and on Saturday nights.

About [illegible] years ago, I edited the Y’s teen newspaper. I wonder if any Jewish Standard readers remember it. Mimeographed in purple ink and called The Goldfish Bowl, it largely recorded the doings of Passaic High School’s (probably now defunct) Jewish fraternities and sororities, which provided the main social outlets for Jewish teens. Anybody out there belong to EBG? I think I still have the necklace.

Meanwhile, the play, by Renee Taylor and Joseph Bologna, was slight but fun. It did have one memorable exchange.

An elderly con-man roué is trying to sweet-talk a sour-faced widow (played by Doroboro):

He: What is that perfume you’re wearing?

She: Ben-Gay.