SodaStream celebrates Israel’s 70th

SodaStream celebrates Israel’s 70th

What did Israel’s founders think of carbonated beverages?

Did Theodor Herzl sample the sodas of the Swiss-based Schweppes company during the first Zionist congress in Basel?

Did the Milwaukee-raised Golda Meir refer to it as “pop”?

Certainly David Ben-Gurion would have approved of the brew-it-yourself soda mentality behind SodaStream, the Israel-based home carbonation kit.

So it’s appropriate that SodaStream celebrated Yom Ha’atzmaut this year with a limited edition set of bottles featuring the faces of Golda, Ben-Gurion, and Herzl.

Luckily for Diaspora Zionists, they’re available for sale in the U.S. through SodaStream’s web site.


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