Shul open house in Pearl River

Shul open house in Pearl River

Beth Am Temple is hosting “Everything You Wanted to Know About Judaism, But Didn’t Have the Opportunity to Ask” on Sunday, March 4, at 4:30 p.m. Rabbi Daniel Pernick, who has led the shul since 1985, will lead the program.

According to Rabbi Pernick, “Our name, Beth Am means, ‘House of the People,’ and we want to fulfill that by bringing people together. We live in an age when understanding others is more important than ever, and this program will give our non-Jewish neighbors and community members the chance to ask whatever questions they want, with the hope that it will lead to better understanding and a more accepting environment.”

Beth Am Temple is at 60 East Madison Ave. in Pearl River. For information, go to or call (845) 735-5858, ext. 101.

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