Shomrei Torah tribute dinner

Shomrei Torah tribute dinner

From top left clockwise, Janis and Oren Heller, Yefim and Lena Fleyshmakher, Brian and Ettie Sher, and Rachmiel and Alla Kavesh

Congregation Shomrei Torah in Fair Lawn holds its 43rd annual dinner on Sunday, March 18, at 6 p.m., at Congregation Keter Torah in Teaneck. The honorees will be recognized for their service and their commitment to the shul.

Janis and Oren Heller, the guests of honor, have made significant contributions to the shul. Mr. Heller, a former shul president, is still a part of its day-to-day events. He is the executive director of the Mount Sinai Synagogue in Washington Heights in Manhattan. Ms. Heller — a.k.a. Morah Yehudit — taught at the Leah Sokoloff Nursery School, volunteers, and runs the shul’s cloud system for shul payments.

The David I. Goldberg Ohr Chesed awards will be given to Lena and Yefim Fleyshmakher and Alla and Rachmiel Kavesh. The Fleyshmakhers and Alla Kavesh are from the former Soviet Union, and Rachmiel Kavesh is from Afghanistan. The award is to people who give selflessly of themselves for the benefit and enrichment of others. Ettie and Brian Sher will receive the Young Leadership award. Brian is from Uzbekistan and Ettie from Moldova.

Mr. Fleyshmakher, a photographer, volunteers to record many community simchas. Ms. Fleyshmakher and her sister and fellow honoree, Ms. Kavesh, are in charge of the shul’s weekly kiddush. Alla and Rachmiel Kavesh participate and assist in many of the shul’s educational and religious programs. Ettie and Brian Sher have volunteered for many shul programs and have hosted special shul guests at their home for Shabbat, and Mr. Sher also is on the shul board.

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