Politics get hairy

Politics get hairy

Whether voters on Tuesday send Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin to the White House or back to Alaska, one thing is for sure: Just like William Shatner, her hair will live on.

The New York Post reported last week that Sarah Palin-esque wigs have become popular buys at one Brooklyn sheitle macher. “Fashion trumps politics,” said the store’s owner.

The Big Lipowsky has to give the NY Post credit for coining the phrase “Hanukkah Mom” and for spinning Palin’s catchphrase, “Jew betcha.”

Even at almost $700 per wig, the Palin ‘do has sold very well in Brooklyn.

Well, The Big Lipowsky has a few ideas for the next celebrity sheitle:

-The Marge Simpson sheitle

-The Elsa Lanchester sheitle

-The Elvis sheitle

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