Nazi comparison ‘on the mark’

Nazi comparison ‘on the mark’

I disagree with Abraham Foxman’s assessment May 7 that the Arizona anti-immigration bill should not be compared to the policies of Germany’s National Socialism.

Besides the despicable and vile strategies against Jews, one must not forget that National Socialism was an authoritarian government and everyone living in Germany suffered as a result of misguided and bigoted laws.

The United States was formed as a result of people who refused to live under foreign government rule and wanted to be free. The American society must continue to be an open and free society. Arizona’s bill flies in the face of what America continues to strive for, and that is to be a nation by the people and for the people. Comparing the Arizona law to Nazism is not incorrect but actually quite on the mark.

If you have never lived in a nation where individuals have few rights and are ruled by a police mentality you will understand why equating the Arizona bill to Nazi policies is not incorrect.

People who live in the United States, regardless of their status, should not be compelled to demonstrate citizenship to anyone. The law is racist, targets specific groups, and is unconstitutional. The law is designed to terrorize people who basically strive to survive; furthermore, its anti-humanitarian. Keep in mind that we have allowed, yes allowed, our civil rights to be eroded. Police may search your vehicle, your home, and your person. In airports you are X-rayed, searched, and questioned with impunity, and we have allowed that to happen for “our safety.” The Nazi machine also expounded its political ideology as being for the safety of the German people.

The Arizona anti-immigration law is only one of many that will continue to invade our personal freedoms, and that is the key to attempt to defeat it. If it sounds like Nazi policy, and smells like Nazi policy, then it is Nazi policy.