Moriah continues to flourish

Moriah continues to flourish

Kudos to the Jewish Standard for reporting information that is factual, interesting, and emanating from a reliable source – Evan Sohn, Moriah’s president (“Faculty layoffs at Moriah,” April 19). The article highlights the rationale of inevitable changes that were made over time to benefit its student population. In contrast, a recent article in a NYC Jewish newspaper reported erroneous facts and left readers with a negative impression.

Moriah opened more than 50 years ago. It was one of the first yeshivot in Bergen County catering to the needs of a nascent modern Orthodox community. As a grandmother with four beautiful granddaughters in Moriah, I can attest to the school’s high educational standards in both secular and Judaic studies. With Dr. Prager at the helm, the school continues to flourish with warmth, stature, Yiddishkeit, and educational excellence. With a strong focus on secular and Judaic studies under the tutelage of a caring staff of wonderful qualified teachers, the positive and indelible impact the yeshivah leaves on its students is unmistakable. They are always proud to be Moriah graduates.

The parent body continues to be a very involved, creative and charitable group of energetic, enthusiastic people who are totally dedicated to upholding the values and traditions of their school. Moriah is truly a paradigm yeshivah in Bergen County.

Many people allude to a letter, sent out years ago, saying that Englewood residents took priority over Teaneck residents. Then, a lack of educational options led to overcrowding. The over-enrollment had to be addressed. It had a positive, far-reaching effect – the opening of a variety of yeshivot to serve various niches in a fast-growing community. Members of the Englewood community always have been supportive of other yeshivot emerging in their midst.

It is important to note that like all other yeshivot, Moriah is committed to making tuition affordable and sustainable for all. It is working diligently and collaboratively with Jewish Education for Future Generations to meet that goal.

While change is both inevitable and welcome, Moriah continues to boast a student population hovering around the 800 mark, with early childhood enrollment up 15 percenty for next year.

Isn’t Bergen County fortunate to have such quality educational institutions and programs in our midst?

The Jewish Standard continues to meet its goal, publishing news that’s fit to print, with the overriding commitment to benefit and enhance k’lal Yisrael.