Matzah made pretty

Matzah made pretty

With Purim past, it’s time to start getting serious about matzah, the fabled bread of affliction.

Or maybe not too serious. Because as we learned at the recent KosherFest, just because unleavened bread frequently tastes like burnt cardboard, that doesn’t mean that it has to look like burnt cardboard.

Yes, in this age of technological miracles and wonders, we can celebrate the exodus from Egypt with matzah printed with a brightly colored Magen David, a seder plate image, or a cheery “Happy Passover” greeting. (The latter being particularly useful for those of us for whom two cups of wine is enough to make us forget which holiday we’re celebrating.)

Don’t worry: The printed matzahs are certified kosher for Pesach by the Orthodox Rabbinical Council of California. The inks are certified edible by the FDA. And the “unique and proprietary state-of-the-art printing technique” doesn’t damage or crack the matzos.

Only $15 for a box of 12 at

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