Thank you, Rabbi Meir

As someone with many relatives and deep ties to Israel, I was happy to read Rabbi Aryeh Meir’s article (“The occupation and Israel’s human rights record,” March 2). I agree that the dehumanization and dispossessing the Palestinian Arab population is contrary to the foundational teachings of Judaism and the Jewish historical experience.

I’m hoping to hear more of these voices and participate in actions that reflect the spirit of his article.

Laszlo Berkovits

It’s not the royal family’s first visit

You should correct the erroneous report in your most recent edition concerning the failure of the House of Windsor to visit Israel (“House of Windsor’s Israel problem,” March 9). His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, delivered the most profound remarks on the occasion of his late mother’s interment on the Mount of Olives, made at Yad Vashem.

David B. Simpson
Stein Simpson & Rosen
Fort Lee

THE EDITOR RESPONDS: The column, like all of Ben Cohen’s work (and unlike all our other op eds) is syndicated by JNS.ORG. Mr. Simpson is right. Prince Philip and his son, Prince Charles, both went to Israel. JNS’s editor said that what Mr. Cohen had meant to say was that Prince William’s visit will be the British royal family’s first official state visit.

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