High Holiday cards are big business, according to the Greeting Card Association, which reports that millions of Rosh HaShanah cards are sent out each year.

As part of its L’Chayim To Life! brand, American Greetings this year has 35 distinct Rosh HaShanah cards, according to Pam Fink, senior editor of the L’Chayim line and its primary writer.

The cards focus on traditional themes, she says – “wishes for peace, prosperity, and happiness in the new year; family relationships; ‘thinking of you’ sentiments; and messages telling recipients that they are a ‘blessing.'”

While art techniques vary from graphics to photography, “for Rosh HaShanah the subject matter is very traditional,” notes Katherine Readey, American Greetings’ assistant product manager for the Jewish new year.

“We use the central iconography of the holiday, including shofars, apples and honey, Star of David, images of candles/[kiddush cups]/table settings, challah, doves, rendered images of Jerusalem, Hebrew letters, etc.,” she says, adding that the L’Chayim series often employs Israeli artists.

In addition, she says, “Pam Fink is able to draw from her Jewish experience and familiarity with the Jewish holidays to offer an authentic voice to the copy.”

“Rosh HaShanah is a time to connect and nurture our relationships,” says Fink, “which is why this is one of the most popular card-sending holidays for those of the Jewish faith.”