Feeling gassy

Feeling gassy

Despite Congress passing a $700 billion economic bailout, the country’s financial woes continued
Monday. Dow Jones industrials fell more than 400 points and dropped below 10,000 for the first time in four years on Monday morning.

The downward economic spiral has had one positive effect though: Lower gas prices. On Monday, Speculators worried about the resiliency of Wall Street and dwindling demand watched the price of a barrel of oil drop to an eight-month low just under $90.

The result? The Big Lipowsky spotted a station in Teaneck yesterday selling regular for $2.99. I filled my tank with mid-grade for $3.25 a gallon, which totaled about $40 – more than $10 less than a month ago.

The Big Lipowsky has to drive to Pennsylvania tonight to see the Bigger Lipowskys (AKA the parents) and I hope to make the 450-mile round trip on one tank of gas since Pennsylvania prices are about 15 to 30 cents higher per gallon. Wish me luck!

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