Blackface leaves child redfaced

Blackface leaves child redfaced

The Gothamist blog posted this picture of a chasidic kid in Boro Park apparently raising money for charity and seemingly praising President Obama on his sign – while wearing blackface.

Many of the comments are condemning the kid and his parents who allowed him out like that. Obviously, blackface has become one of the most racially divisive costumes of the time because of the inherent racism during the time it was widely used by white people to portray black people.

Is it still offensive? And where’s the line? If somebody dresses as an Arab for Purim, is that offensive? Does the world care? What if somebody dresses as Hitler? Can we make fun of him yet? Mel Brooks certainly can but if the average Joe shows up at a Halloween or Purim party dressed as Hitler do you think he’ll be well received? Eric Cartman dressed as Hitler in an episode of South Park once and got sent home. He later came back dressed as a ghost but the white hood was a little too pointy on top and reminiscent of another white cloaked figure who likes to burn crosses.

So, what say you? Where’s the line now for good taste?

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