An Ode to Dorothy Boroson

An Ode to Dorothy Boroson

I sing the best of sisters-in-law, one Doro Boro,

Who, when she does a mitzvah or makes a simcha, is very thorough;

Who always has room for another guest at her table,

And if you can’t come to her, she’ll bring the feast to you, if she’s able.

Whose brisket, they tell me (I’m a vegetarian),

Is so delicious it should get an honorarium;

And yet who goes to the trouble, when she knows I’m going to dine,

To make sure I have an equally tasty time.

I sing her tsimmes, her eggplant, chickpeas, and tomatoes, her carrot ring and raspberry pie.

And if she will give me (once again) her recipe for mock chopped liver,

I’ll post it on the Web for all to try.