Win a free trip to Israel for you and your dog

Win a free trip to Israel for you and your dog

Want to win a “dog plus one” ticket from New York to Israel? Fill out a form at and start packing the kibble.

The Doggy Vacay contest is the brainchild of Tel Aviv-based Vibe Israel, a nonprofit organization leading initiatives to strengthen Israel’s brand among millennials throughout the world. The group has led some 30 weeklong all-expenses-paid personalized experiences of Israel for online influencers since 2011, but this is the first time it’s doing a promo aimed at social-media-savvy dog owners.

If you’re wondering about the connection between dogs and Israel, Tel Aviv reportedly has the world’s highest per capita ratio of dogs to people — the municipality sponsors an annual Dog Day — and Israelis in general love their canine pals.

The campaign has created a lot of buzz on social media.

The basic rules for the contest: Register online and provide your contact details along with your dog’s name and weight (only dogs 20 pounds and under are eligible); specify why you and Fido deserve to win the contest; and upload to Instagram and/or Facebook and/or Twitter an original photo of the dog wearing sunglasses, with the hashtag “#doggyvacay” by September 12. Five winners will be announced on September 15.

The flight will leave New York on October 21 or 22, and return on October 26, 2017.

There’s a lot of fine print about the age of human contestants (18 and up), disqualified breeds, the need for microchip, blood tests and vaccines for the dog, insurance coverage, and so on.

In addition to economy class airfare, winners who fulfill all the requirements will receive standard lodgings at a dog-friendly hotel and three meals per day, courtesy of Vibe Israel. In return, they’ll be encouraged to post lots of updates to their followers on social media showing highlights of their doggy vacay in Israel, which reportedly will include professional pup massages and gourmet canine dining experiences.

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