Will they throw shoes instead of rice at this wedding?

Will they throw shoes instead of rice at this wedding?

Reuters reports that an Egyptian man has offered his daughter as a wife to Muntazer al-Zaidi, the Iraqi journalist who last week threw his shoes at President Bush. No word on if al-Zaidi accepted, but according to this article, the daughter thought of the arranged marriage as an honor.

“This is something that would honor me. I would like to live in Iraq, especially if I were attached to this hero.”

The Big Lipowsky had the opportunity to rewatch “You Don’t Mess With The Zohan” last night. That’s the Adam Sandler comedy where he portrays an Israeli commando who fakes his death so he can move to America and become a hair stylist. In one flashback scene, a Palestinian throws his shoe at Zohan. Originally, I had thought the Arab, portrayed by Rob Schneider, had thrown the shoe simply because he had nothing else on hand. Upon rewatching it last night, though, I knew the cultural significance of the act and my enjoyment of the movie was enhanced. This movie also appears to have good rewatchability because it still cracks me up.

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