Why the IDF is hitting Gaza

Why the IDF is hitting Gaza

Israel began moving ground troops into Gaza tonight. The Jewish State’s PR has been better during this conflict than in the past but there are still many who feel that Israel is overreacting, don’t understand why Israel feels it necessary to go into Gaza, or that Israel is not giving Hamas the chance for peace.

The Big Lipowsky has collected several links to give you some history of the situation.

Hamas in its own words from Palestinian Media Watch. This site documents the horrendous indoctrination of Palestinian youth that can be described only as child abuse. Death is glorified in children’s television programming using cartoon characters who calls for the deaths of Israelis.

BBC explains who is Hamas.

Wikipedia’s page on Hamas includes explanations of the Hamas charter, which calls for the total destruction of Israel.

Which brings us to the Hamas charter. This includes verses such as this:

Israel will rise and will remain erect until Islam eliminates it as it had eliminated its predecessors.

Finally, The Big Lipowsky was in Sderot in June and met with many people in the town that has been bombarded by rockets from Gaza for several years. You can read Sderot, the cost of idealism and A night under threat of fire.

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