‘Who knows nine?

‘Who knows nine?

What does it take for an Israeli product to get the coveted ultra-Orthodox Badatz certificate of kashrut approval?

For Altman’s prenatal vitamins, the answer lies in the labeling.

On the right, the bottle is labeled “multivitamins for pregnant women.”

On the left, a bottle of the same vitamins has the Badatz hechsher in yellow; they’re described as “nine-month multivitamins.”

Yes, the word “pregnant” apparently is considered too risqué for the ultra-Orthodox market.

Note also that the illustration on the right of a pregnant belly containing a lima-bean-like fetus has been replaced with butterflies.

But before we make fun of our charedi cousins, remember that a similar Victorian impulse led the classic Reform Union Haggadah of the early 20th century to bowdlerize the Passover song so that “Who knows nine?” was answered not by the traditional “nine are the months of pregnancy” but instead with “Nine are the Jewish holidays.”

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