What’s with the puff?
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What’s with the puff?

Welcome to June. Weddings, graduations, barbecues, baseball games, swimming — sigh. I remember those things. Good times. Son #1’s college graduation, which was six years ago and felt like it was six years long, would have been savored a lot more by our family had we known it was going to be the last college graduation we would ever attend for our wonderful children, of whom we are very proud.

And that is OK.

Weddings, thank God, we still enjoy attending. Barbecues we don’t really get invited to, baseball games are much more enjoyable when you watch them on television in a climate-controlled environment and, thanks to wonderful neighbors, Strudel and I can enjoy the occasional dip in the pool when Camp Babka is in session. Of course, thank God, this year, Strudel is in competition with my neighbors’ newest additions, but Strudel is the oldest, so she can fend for herself. (Just kidding, neighbors, your cuties get first dibs. Yes, I know you don’t need me to tell you that…)

Summer means ice cream, but only if it is cholov yisroel and Crystal Lite fruit punch to take on my walks around town (which I now have to be vigilant about doing, because I am getting older and don’t want to dehydrate).

It also means that town mostly clears out when other people’s children attend sleepaway camp. And then those parents clear out and go on some kind of exotic vacation that I get to live through vicariously when they post every movement on social media. Nothing like going on a safari without having to pay for it. Though Husband #1 knows that an African safari is on my bucket list, so this year he promised he would take me to the safari at Great Adventure.  I will be sure to let you know if that happens.

There is a new trend that I would like to discuss. Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with vacations. Every boy I see now has the same haircut. I call it the puff look. They all seem to have this puff of hair in the front and shorter on the sides and the back. What is that? Who started it? How does everyone know about it? Who was the first mom to say, “Okay, let’s let the front of your hair grow wild, but you will look okay from the back.”

Now, if it was me, with my boys, well, first, I am not sure if my boys would have been follicly (new word) able to grow this look, but, secondly, Husband #1 would have had trouble paying full price for a haircut when the barber would only be trimming the sides and the back. Yes, there is a reason why I am happy I didn’t have to deal with this current trend. Boys are supposed to be easy. That is the joy of the boymom. No special hair styles. Come on, guys, what is going on with the puff hair????

When I was in eighth grade, the girl hair style that was all the rage was the flipped sides. I could never have this look, and I might’ve written about this before, so I apologize. My sister had the flipped sides because she had straight hair. But if you had curly hair and you tried this hair style, it ended badly for you. You looked like you had wings. Not cool at all.

So, with this boy puff hair situation, I feel kinda bad for the boys who are unable to grow the puff. What happens to them? Husband #1 won’t let me start talking to any puff-less boys. I guess he is afraid I will get myself arrested. Listen, I am a social worker (licensed and everything), and I really want to hear the pain that a young man might be experiencing if he can’t grow the puff like his friends. And I am available for consultations with anyone out there, between ages 14 and 20, to discuss what you are feeling.

After 20, you are going to realize that you need to cut the puff, or, unfortunately, you are going to realize that the puff is starting to fall out all on its own… Then Husband #1 can talk to you about it.

Have a great summer!

Banji Ganchrow of Teaneck misses packing for camp, the swim club, and fitting into a bathing suit. And not necessarily in that order, or is it?

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