Wants more about secular Jews

Wants more about secular Jews

Thank you for publishing Lawrence Bush’s Sept. 11 article “I want to see our fences become fringes.” Like Mr. Bush, I am a secular Yiddishist. My childhood and upbringing were very like his.

His paragraph ending with “The line that separates a secular Jew from an ‘amhorets’ or assimilationist gets thinner each decade” particularly resonated with me.

Please publish more articles by Mr. Bush. I would love to know more about the magazine Jewish Currents and about what is happening in the mix of American Jewish secularism. There are many of us who are passionate about our Jewish identity – through language, culture, and associations – but lack the Jewish community life our parents had.

The Jewish Standard could be very helpful to us and our children by including articles covering activities, interests, concerns, politics and the varying philosophies of secular Judaism. Lawrence Bush’s article – his call for inclusiveness – is a fine beginning.