Tzimmes for Menendez

Tzimmes for Menendez

We’ve   following the trial of Senator Robert Menendez with some discomfort. He was likable the times we met him, and he has been a friend of Israel and the Jewish community.

We were surprised when the trial took an unexpected Jewish turn. Matt Friedman, who has been covering the proceedings for Politico, reported that “before the trial broke for Rosh Hashanah last Wednesday, Judge William H. Walls compared his decision on permitting certain evidence to a traditional Ashkenazi Jewish stew with ‘a little bit of this, and a little bit of that.’”

Abbe Lowell, the senator’s attorney, told the judge “that the stew was called tzimmes, that it’s traditionally served on Rosh Hashanah and that he would bring some to share with the court.”

“Lowell on Monday made good on that promise,” Friedman reported, “bringing containers full of tzimmes for Walls and even the prosecution.”

“This is a new meaning of serving the government,” Lowell said, as he handed some to prosecutors.


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