To Bball or not to Bball, that is the question

To Bball or not to Bball, that is the question

Being a high school varsity ballplayer can be rough (not that I’d really know – I’m only on softball). On Sunday, The Frisch School’s boys’ basketball team will go head-to-head against HAFTR in a rematch of last year’s championship, during which HAFTR won in the final seconds.

The game will be played at Madison Square Garden. Yes, the one in the city. Uh huh, on the basketball court. Right, the same one the Knicks play on. Really cool, isn’t it?

The problem is that the game coincides with the last chance for seniors to take the SAT before applying early decision to college. As far as I know, none of the athletes competing are going pro so the SAT actually means something to them. This, as you can imagine, causes quite a dilemma.

The game will not count toward the team’s official season record and is instead simply for bragging rights (which to some, are worth even more). The official lineups have yet to be posted, but it is interesting to see which choice the young athletes will choose: SAT or MSG.

As for us fans, the game is part of a charity event for Migdal Ohr, the largest orphanage in the world. (Read the details here. ) I’d say that I will see you there, but I won’t. I just signed up for the SAT. Shucks.